What is Diaper?
A diaper (in North America) or nappy (in the United Kingdom or Commonwealth countries) is an absorbent garment worn primarily by whom are not yet potty trained or suffer from bedwetting.

The Purpose of Cloth Diaper
The purpose of a diaper is to absorb moisture and contain mess so that the wearer can remain dry and comfortable after wetting or soiling themselves. When diapers become full and can no longer hold any more waste, they require changing.

Material of Diaper
Diapers can be made of either cloth or disposable materials. Whereas cloth diapers are comprised of layers of fabric such as terry towelling and can be washed and reused multiple times, disposable diapers contain absorbent chemicals and can be thrown away after use. The decision to use cloth or disposable diapers is a controversial one, due to issues ranging from convenience, health, cost, and their effect on the environment.

Why and Benefits of Using Cloth Diapers?
  • More Economic-- Yes, cloth diapers are cheaper than disposable. Any way you do the math, cloth wins. Please click here to view cost calculation between disposal diaper and cloth diaper.

    Example: Assuming usage for 2 years. You Save = RM 3,194 for 2 years
1st child
2nd child
Kasihku Sayangku One Size Cloth Diapers
(6 diapers + 12 inserts)
Disposables diapers (Average 3 diapers per day)
(2190pcs x RM0.80)
Question: How much more other things you can buy for your beloved children with RM 3,194?


Local Brand X
Imported Brand B
Kasihku Sayangku
1 PC
3 PCs
1 PC
3 PCs
1 PC
3 PCs
Cloth Diaper
RM 69
RM 207
RM 82
RM 246
RM 55.90
RM 155
Insert (2 PCs)
RM 34
RM 37
Insert (6 PCs)
RM 102
RM 111
RM 103
RM 309
RM 119
RM 357
RM 55.90
RM 155
You Save
RM 154
RM 63
RM 202

  • Environmental Friendly. Cloth Diapers are more environmentally friendly! Cloth diapers can be wash, reuse and recycle. With cloth diapers you are not throwing thousands of pounds of non-biodegradable waste into the landfills each year.Cloth diapers should be the Reduce, Re-use, and Recycle product of choice! It only takes 3 dozen good quality cloth diapers to diaper at least 2 children for a grand total of 4-6 years, then you can use the worn diapers as rags for another 5 years, then you can throw the scraps in the compost bin, where the natural fibers will biodegrade.
  • Health Issue.Disposable diapers contain Carcinogenic Dioxin, which in various forms has been shown to cause cancer, birth defects, liver damage, and skin diseases, genetic damage, is a by-product of the paper-bleaching process used in manufacturing disposable diapers, and trace quantities may exist in the diapers themselves. Disposable diapers contain gel-like beads Sodium polyacrylate, make diapers super absorbent. It ‘pulls’ natural moisture from baby’s skin, encouraging irritation. It can cause severe allergic reactions including vomiting, infections and fever. Disposable diapers also contain TRIBUTYL TIN – Highly toxic pollutant. It has hormone-like effect in smallest concentration. It harms the immune system and impairs the hormonal system.
  • Earlier toilet training.This may not hold true in every case, but there's no denying that cloth diapers are a lot more "realistic" than disposables. A wet cloth diaper feels wet to a child, whereas a disposable diaper continues to feel dry.
  • Less diaper rashes. No doubt, it may depends on the child, but that cloth seems to maintain a better moisture environment for my daughter's skin than disposables. You can also feel more easily when your child is wet and change her as often as necessary. And there's no increased cost if you need to change your child more often with cloth diapers, whereas with disposables it can really add up if you are changing your babe more frequently due to rash or diarrhea. One study from the Journal of Pediatrics indicates that 54% of one month olds in disposable diapers had some type of rash, 16% were severe. Rash medication can be expensive. A tube of one of the leading makers of rash medicine costs approximately $6. This is just a small expense, but multiply that expense over three years and it quickly starts to add up.
  • No midnight runs to the store because you are out of diapers, no scanning newspaper ads, hoping for a great sale, and no clipping coupons. Just do a couple loads of laundry a week and you're set!

How to Use Cloth Diaper?

Very simple, just watch the following video:

  • How to adjust size from new born till 4 years old. Click here
  • How to put in the insert. Click here
  • How to wear/put on the cloth diaper. Click here

How to Wash Cloth Diaper?

Pretty simple, for detail instruction, please click here

KS Cloth Diaper comes with 2 Years Warranty

In April 09, we announce that all KS Cloth Diaper will come with 1 year warranty which is First in Malaysia. Now, we are pleased to inform you another First in Malaysia, ALL KS Cloth Diaper now comes with 2 years warranty. Warranty scope will not change i.e. Snaps, Elastic Sewing

Any issue with our CD, give us a call or drop us an email. We will take care of the rest. No question ask. This is our guarantee, the peace of mind that we want to give you.

Does any other cheaper cloth diapers give you same kind warranty & guarantee? What happened when those cheaper cloth diapers give you problem? Think about it and make a wise choice.



Reviewer: sooriakala
26/10/2008 08:45am

Simply loved the KS One size diapers, really good value for money, my mother is amazed at the way things are changing with cloth diapers. I have frxxxs brand AIO diaper, takes ages to dry. Even bought fitted diaper made from cotton but does not hold much urine and need to use diaper cover. Thumbs up for yours. Everything I wanted from a diaper and easy on the pockets compared to the others in the market... I really surfed so many websites on cloth diaper and yours is the best value for money around town!

Reviewer: yuki
23/10/2008 05:00pm

hello mummies.. i have try this cloth diaper, i found it very useful.. i have to say good bye to all pampers.. hehehe
mummies who haven try, must try now...
ITS GREAT!~ welldone
Reviewer: Helen Kok
20/10/2008 11:09am
With KS Cloth Diaper, no more red pet pet...i think my baby also very happy. And no need wear pant now...coz got the cute design. I hope you will bring in more new prints so that we can buy more CD hahaha...
Reviewer: Aricia Lim
06/10/2008 12:08pm
I started to let my younger girl uses KS CD when she was around 2 mths . This was the first time I tried CD bcos I just got to know CD beginning this year before I delivered. I've browse thru many local suppliers' website abt CD, but KS CD is the cheapest CD that I could find, so I gave it a try.
Surprisingly the result is good! I used it with 2 inserts on my daughter at nite time around 10pm
Reviewer: pauline choh
23/08/2008 01:02pm
Wah,tell all mummies the cloth diaper is very good item leh,i let for my son wear to sleep whole nite,i think have over 12 hours liao.but nv leak out the urine until next morning,i first time want to try him wear for sleep ,so i put 2 insert ,then next day ,i fast fast to see the cloth diaper have anything leak out,but nothing i open just feel dry dry and i take out 2pcs insert very wet lor.wah so good when i use this cloth diaper in nite,so in the future i never waste my money to buy more diapers liao,soemtimes want lah,cos raining can dry my cloth diapers,haha..thanks kasihku sayangku products,for my son.1~~~~muak!

Irene Goh
14/08/2008 01:10pm

I already know the benefit of using CD and most important, saving the ENVIRONMENT for my sons future by using CD. I was searching over the internet for good and affordable CD. My friend Rachel recomended me to check out KS. I saw the pack of 3 and ordered it as a trial. The moment I receive the CD, I love the CD and the soft inserts! My 2 month old son already started using the CD and I hope KS will have more designs so that my son will look more fashionable. KS CD = good, saving my pocket and the environment too!

Reviewer: Debra
07/08/2008 12:51pm

What I like about the CD :
1. The Twilight blue colour is lovely.
2. The inner soft lining stays dry even if the insert is completely soaked thru.
3. It saves me money.

What I hope can be improved on the CD :
1. The size. I find the 1 size CD for my 12kg 1.5 years old son a big tight, especially on the side as it has left red marks on his skin. If the side tabs can be made slightly narrower but longer would be good.

[KS Comment: I am using it for my 13kg 2.9 years old and 1 year old daughter but no red mark left. It is just a matter of practice, learn how to adjust the cloth diaper when put on baby.]

2. Wearing the CD makes the baby's butt look big :)

Other than that, I think it's a good buy and would recommend it to all mothers.

Reviewer: niasulaiman
05/08/2008 12:28pm

The moment I received my order, I loved the insert at first sight! The quality has been upgraded by leaps and bounds compared to the older generation of KS insert.

As for the cd itself, I use the largest setting for both my toddlers, age 2.5yo and 13mo. The fit is better compared to the earlier generation, thanks to the overlap velcro. This 3rd generation KS is a much better cd.

The price is definitely value for money compared to other brands for os pocket cd 2 inserts.

The reason why I'm giving 4 out of 5 is because I cannot comment on the smallest and medium setting at the moment. (Simply because there is no need for these settings)

Just one Q to the KS team - when are you guys coming up with new prints????

Reviewer: mastura mohamed arif
03/08/2008 09:38pm

ive bought 9 of them. and i tried them. it was a very nice n cute design. i promoted those cds to my friends. i gave one of my cds n let her try it, n she satisfied with it. i encoraged her to buy the cd next time. was good n much much much cheaper than other brand.!!!!!

Reviewer: Pheh Sze Chang
02/08/2008 10:20pm

I have tried on my 2 boys, 1 aged 3 year old, and 1 3 month old. My eldest loved the mickey mouse head design. He is very particular in using type of cloth & diaper. I was so affraid that he might not want to wear it. To my surprise, he loved it & we saved RM1++ of the disposable diaper for his afternoon nap everyday. As for my youngest, he looks so adorable & cute with CD..... & it is so dry that we can change his inserter every 2-3 hours only... save us a lot of troubles... Thank you KS CD... Now I have 6 CDs already... Well done, KS!

Reviewer: Jesslyn
01/08/2008 05:32pm

What is the meaning of good quality cloth diaper? Is good quality cloth diaper means they are expensive? You are wrong. I have bough 4 imported cloth diaper which cost RM85 - RM103 one cloth diaper. I dare not buy KS one size diaper as they are cheap and I dont think the quality is good. However, I just bought one only. To my surprise, the quality is better than the imported CD I bought. The soft lining part is dryer compared to the imported CD. Later I ordered another value pack of 3. Wanted to order more buy now I already have 7 CD. For all the CD user, do not judge the quality by the pricing. You need not waste your money buying the imported CD

01/08/2008 05:28pm

I'm tried the KS 3rd Generation One Size cloth Diapers on my 3 yrs old Boy yesterday night. He is so love the diapers, previous he is using the drypants which cost around RM1 per pcs (he didn't like the normal diapers, this cause me headache).. so, now i can save RM1 per day!! Imagine, 1 yrs I can save up to RM365!!!

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