Baby Organix
Baby Organix
Baby Organix

Welcome to Econat Resources, the home of safe and natural products !

At Econat Resources, cares takes center stage and nature is its helper. Here, great steps are taken to ensure that only best and safest ingredients are used in the manufacturing of it’s products and that a high standard of production is maintained.

Econat prides itself in producing such high quality,toxic free products, every time. Econat products are free from :

  • Artifical fragrance
  • Petrochemicals and mineral oils
  • Phthalates
  • Sodium Lauryl sulphates and other drying agents
  • Parabben and Proplyene Glycol
  • Formaldehyde, talc and other ingredients that may be harmful to human health
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Nature’s First Aid Cream is your best companions. It is an all natural,plant base cream produce in its truest form to maintain healthy skin.

The Calendula Oil is a good plant based anti-oxidants that protects cells from environmental damage.

It soothes and provide moisture to give the skin its natural suppleness and radiance. We believe Nature has the best resources, which is why we only use simple , natural and quality ingredients that actively promote the health of your baby’s skin. Nasty chemicals has no room in the jar.


BabyOrganix offers a gentle yet effective way to deal with sensitive skin, especially eczema


BabyOrganix T3 balm is the purest form of after bite balm to soothes and relieves dry itching skin.

Our natural based formulation includes Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Cera Alba ( natural beewax) , Cocoa Seed Butter,Cetereal alchohol & Malaleuca Alternifolla Leaf Oil

Non Toxic Formulated

  • Treat your baby's precious skin to Baby Organix Vitamin Baby Lotion, featuring natural emollients like shea and moisture.
  • Our unique formula includes nourishing botanicals like sunflower and olive oil to soothe baby's skin, as well as aloe vera and alpha-glucan oligosaccharide to protect and heal dryness and rash.
  • Enriched with Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant, this baby lotion is just perfect to keep your baby happy all day long.