NUBY NanaNubs Banana Teething Toothbrush with 360 Degree Bristles (3m+)
Price RM23.50
Product SKU NB782
The new gum massager from Nuby is specially designed to instill positive and important dental hygiene for your baby from the beginning. Made from extra soft silicone with your baby's comfort in mind, which soothes sore gums and bristles provide gentle cleaning. Massaging bristles clean and soothe new teeth and tender gums. BPA free product.

NanaNubs Teething Toothbrush
• 3+ months
• BPA-Free
• Massaging bristles provide gentle cleaning
• 100% Silicone
• Soft silicone soothes sore gums

Instructions: Cleaning: Wash and sterilize prior to initial use. Dishwasher safe (top rack dishwasher basket only) or wash with warm water using a mild liquid soap. Rinse thoroughly with clean water. Air dry. To sterilize, immerse in boiling water for 2 to 5 minutes.