BABY ORGANIX Sensitive Trio Set
Price RM82.90
Product SKU BO1001

BabyOrganix offers a gentle yet effective way to deal with sensitive skin, especially eczema, and it’s through this newly packaged Trial Set of:

1. Hydrating Cream Bath (250ml) - EXPIRED: JULY 2021
2. Nature's First Aid Cream (30g) - EXPIRED: FEBRUARY 2022
3. Gentle Hair Shampoo for Baby (250ml) - EXPIRED DATE: NOVEMBER 2021

Ultra moisturizing Hydrating Cream Bath is enriched with lavender to cleanse and nourish baby’s delicate skin while Nature’s First Aid Cream is specially formulated with organic calendula oil, a plant-base antioxidant that protects cells from being damaged and heals inflamed skin with its natural formulation. Gentle Hair Shampoo for Baby, the newest product from Baby Organix serves to strengthen baby's hair with hydrolyzed soy protein. Vitamin E added to the shampoo also helps to guard against environmental damage caused to the hair.