K-MOM Organic Baby Wipes 10s - 12pk
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Convenient Way to clean at any time, with K-MOM Organic Portable Wipes. K-MOM Basic Wet Wipes is a smaller sized pack of the Basic wipes.

It is ideal for use on your baby's tender skin. This baby wipes is soft, hygienic and can be used at the convenience of yours anytime or anywhere.

It is portable, handy & small and fits well into bags for easy usage; making it convenient for parent's on the go.

Contains 99.8% water and organic ingredients. Free of 9 to 12 harmful chemicals, you can use each range of Kmom wipes for even hand and mouth.No more sticky or soapy feeling of residues left behind too.

Product details
Ingredients: Purified water, organic peppermint, chamomile, calendula, aloe vera, cosmetic-grade antibacterial agent, food-grade antibacterial agent, citric acid, Use product within 1 year from manufacturing date and 100% MADE IN KOREA.