KU.KU Duckbill Ultra Soft Functional Square Towel (1pcs)
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Available in two colors: Blue and Pink

High-quality pure cotton fabric with exquisite and soft contact that protects every inch of the babies’ skin.

1. Can to be a feeding bib and washing cloth.
2. It also convenient for mother to let the baby use it when he is learning how to eat by himself to void the food stain to the clothes.
3. When the children goes to Kindergarten or lementary scool;hanging label design can let your baby learn how to hang it after washing.
4. The towel is very thin; light and water absorption. The children can twist and dry it by themselves. You also can use it as a washing cloth for face or hand wiper.

Materials: 100% antibiotic cotton. Kao(Taiwan) Corporation bactericide.
Color: BL/PK
Size: 25cm x 25cm