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​• Cherry shape is similar to mother's breast that easily soothes and pacifies baby
• Special design fits baby's gingiva and occlusion
• Two holes of the innovative shield prevent saliva gathering and avoid skin irritation
• Complies with F.D.A standard
• The teat is made of silicone which is nontoxic and heat-proof
• BPA Free


- Large capacity for 6 bottles and accessories including breast pump parts
- Fast sterilization in 6 minutes (use 90ml of water)
- Fast Drying in 40 minutes
- Digital LCD display with different working modes and time to meet different needs
- Made of safe and high quality materials such as Die Casting Heater to ensure fast heating and longer life span of the product
- Adjustable into 3 sizes to meet different needs and yet able to save space. Suitable for travelling.
- Made from BPA free materials
- Natural steam sterilization kills 99.9% of harmful germs
- Your contents will remain sterile inside the sterilizer for up to 8 hours if the lid is kept shut.
- Multipurpose functions able to meet different needs such as sterilizng bottles, drying bottle, warming milk and heating baby food.

  • Turn blade is easy cutting.
  • It trims fingernails softly without scattering.
  • Its cutting edges can be rotated to trim fingernails depending on their direction.
  • Trimmed areas are smooth.
  • Light up the adorable construction truck by dropping a ball inside and watching the mixer change color.
  • Add two balls to the color mixer and push the lever to “mix” the balls together to learn how to create a whole-new color.
  • Learn colors, shapes and numbers by pressing the colorful shape buttons on the truck. Use them to answer questions or add sounds to the music.
  • Drop the balls inside and take them out by opening the back door. When playtime is over, all the balls easily store inside.

• Bisphenol A-Free
• Suitable for Basilic water bottle - 800ml ( D201)