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• Soft and safe to use
• Different symbols encourage memory and recognition skills
• Bisphenol A-free


Eczema Starter Pack consist of:
1x Milk Wash 500g - EXPIRED DATE: 10/2021
1x Irritable Skin Balm 120g - EXPIRED DATE: 02/2021
1x MSM Soothing Cream 75g - EXPIRED DATE: 03/2021
1x Udder Cream 120g - EXPIRED DATE: 04/2021

  • Orthodontic shape improves the development of oral cavity
  • Special design fits baby's gingiva and occlusion
  • Two holes of the innovative shield prevent saliva gathering and avoid skin irritation
  • Complies with F.D.A standard
  • The teat is made of silicone which is nontoxic and heatproof
  • ​Suitable for 6-18 Months

• Bisphenol A free.
• 304 stainless steel applied, durable and easy to wash.
• Vacuum insulation design to protect hands.
• Include lid to keep bowl hygienic.

  • Easy for Parents
  • Fun for Kids
  • "Feed" Soapsox animal with liquid or bar soap
  • Built-in finger pockets for easy grip
  • Great for nervous bathers
  • Anti-microbial sponge
  • Machine washable
  • It floats on water

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