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  • The brush is made of high quality nylon, which makes the brush durable, un-deformable ad functional.
  • Big brush for the bottle, small brush for the teat (nipple). The brush handle makes cleaning easy and fun, and cleans the inside and the inner-corner easily, effortlessly and properly.

• Soft sponge brush avoids scrapes on the surface.
• Tulip design is easy to clean bottles and cups.

  • Made by high quality nylon; soft and elasticity makes it easy for cleaning the corner of straw or nasal aspirator... etc.
  • Handle designed with a hook makes it easy to hang up.
  • It can be sterilized.
  • Made in Taiwan

• For baby 12 months and above
• 304 stainless steel applied
• Durable and easy to wash
• Partition plate which prevents the mix of flavours
• Round corner prevents hazards
• Outer plate has thermal insulation effect
• The plate is sealed with the cover


• Bisphenol A-Free
• 5 in one, let kids learn to eat on their own.

  • Bowl & sucker in onw - can be fixed tightly on the table.
  • Non-slip handles prevents sliding.
  • A spoon and lid can be attached to bowl for carrying and storage.